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  1. Hello people, Browsing through the internet searching for material to write an assignment on monocoque and ladder frame chassis i realized that never have i found the exact detailed material for the topics like these. I wanted to know how do you people search for material like how do you frame questions or which sites do you use. For now i wanted the construction details of monocoque and ladder frame chassis. I couldn't find much information except from what monocoque chassis is and basic components. Thank you in advance and please guide me.
  2. How do we define discharge in fluid Mechanics? our teacher gave the definition as the quantity of fluid flowing per second through a pipe in that, for incompressible fluids: the rate of flow is expressed as the volume of fluid flowing across a section per second for compressible :the rate of flow is expressed as the weight of gas flowing across a section per second. But the eqn as Q for gases= density(or weight density) × area × Velocity (in N/s) how can the unit be N/s if we multiply by Density and also if it is the quantity of fluid flow then can't we describe as mass per second? This is my first time on the forum, sorry if i made mistakes. thank you. (i don't have access to a library and cannot find it on the Internet. please help)
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