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  1. I need this to be solved now,need some help here guys.Can you make M,N,T diagrams (lines) please?
    Thanks to all for support :)


    1. saurabhjain


      Pl use forums to ask questions.. this may lost after sometime

  2. Hello Kaung,I model it in SolidWorks 2012,and then make a picture in SolidWorks drawings.After that I put both picture and model in Keyshot 5.0 and make this
  3. It's knowledge that you need,diploma is just for passing through
  4. Hello, NVIDIA graphics are most effective on SolidWorks 2012,or later,CATIA V5 too,Keyshot 5.0 and others. I have: -intel i5 processor,2.4 Ghz -1TB HDD SATA 5400 rpm -NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M , 2GB DDR3 -RAM emory 4GB DDR3 My solidWorks 2012,Keyshot 3.0 and 5.0 works fine with no bugs at all These are system requirements you need at least to run those programmes,and better,beynod solidworks 2012. Best regards!
  5. 3D designs,mechanical drawings and other renderings All models designed by myself,free to use,free to share.If you want to use it for some purpose credit me please enjoy in good stuff.
  6. Oberon31

    Subaru boxer engine

    Does anyone have some blueprints from this engine? I want to make it in 3D
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