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  1. Hi, On behalf of Machine vibration i need some clues in Shaking machine design. Design consideration includes one deck with screen sets and the motor drive where deck moves through Eccentric drive using eccentric bearing. The major problem was more vibration occurs while running(machine moves) it is not rigid. How to make it as rigid . Consider this as request and explain it how to rectify it. I planned to add equal weights for rigid support . But i need some more knowledge. thanks!
  2. Hi i am a young mechanical engineer. Kindly clear my doubts. I am using Cold rolled sheet - 3mm for silicon sand breaking machine as a screen. It get wear and got holes across the screen. kindly suggest me the material or any kind of sheets within 3mm to 4mm thickness.

    The material normally used are silica sand in Foundry.

  3. Do the projects in Material science by changing their properties. Decreasing the weight of the material.
  4. what are the different methods of producing vaccum pressure inside the cylinder.
  5. Guys can anyone please tell me the HEAT RESISTANT material pipe upto 300 deg celcius where the bearing should be placed above it.

    Hot air is passing through the Pipe.

    1. Manoj Sahu

      Manoj Sahu

      1. If it is just simply hot air any MS pipe would do your job.

      2. If your hot air is corrosive in nature then SS pipe would be good.

      3. If your hot air is hazardous in nature, then seam less SS pipe is suggested

      Depending upon the pressure of the gas you calculate the ID and schedule of the pipe.

      Hope my answer is useful to you bro  

    2. Ranga Samy

      Ranga Samy

      Thanks for your message sir it is very helpfull at manoj sahu

      But am fixing the bearing on the pipe heat should not affect the life time of the bearing.

      can you please give me the solution?


    3. Manoj Sahu

      Manoj Sahu

      1. Mostly hot air carrying pipes are static in nature, for this cover the part of the pipe with a good heat resistant            asbestos sheet and design a structure to support the pipe.

      2. If you are expecting any vibration during working condition, then cover the part of the pipe with a good heat             resistant asbestos sheet and design a structure that constraints the vibrations in all directions

      Mount the Solid Journal bearing on the structure and make your pipe to pass through the bearing.

      Design your structure depending upon on the weight of the pipe and expected vibrations in the pipe. 


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