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  1. Hello everyone , please i need help to my design problem. i want to use an electric motor to run a drive axle. please what type of coupling selection is possible to achieve this feat. the both have splines how do i select the appropriate coupling to handle the torque.
  2. I have a project I am working on with self-steer axles for trailers. I have been working on this project and I have not made any headway as of yet. Any Help to steer me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I have a self-steer axle I want to retrofit by mounting a linear actuator to help me steer the axle at low speed, this axle weighs 9000kg and would have a weight of max 9000kg on top of it when it steers. My main problem is selecting the right linear actuator and determining the location to mount it on. At first when I was talking to an axle supplier he mentioned his for
  3. hey guys I am working on a project for school and I am wondering the safest possible way to connect a motor to a differential axle such that the axle is still able to carry the load and have it all balance I am having problems as to how safely and best I can connect an motor to a differential axle without using a shaft in between.
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