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  1. Hi Omar al homse Do you have any idea? Please share me. Thank you.
  2. Hi SK sharma. Thank you for your comment. As I meant, I looking for the gripper without using pneumatic. It's look like using rack and pinion for open jaws of gripper. When the hand_roller was move by pneumatic cylinder, it will open gripper, and close when cylinder return. The system is using pneumatic, but the gripper is non. I also known about pneumatic gripper, but when using pneumatic gripper, have to use rotary air connect system for it, because the table will rotate and take the gripper rotate together.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm design machine with table rotary. On rotary table will have gripper. I'm looking for the parallel gripper without using pneumatic. I have gif file, I would like to buy the part like parts in gif file, but didn't know which model of part (brand, part code, ...) Anybody can help me please? Many thank
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