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  1. the engine has a 90 degree V angle and the intake system will be between the cylinder banks and the firing order is 1-6-5-4-3-2. what will be the crank pins position in the V6 described above. Anyone willing to help would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi guys, this is the first design , V6 ntake manifold, I have a question how i align the pin into the hole? cause it says it will break other mates? any feedack thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys I study automotive engineering, our first project is to design the basic parts of a V6 4stroke combustion engine DOHC and do a subassembly and then a simulation on solidworks. I'm not familiar with Solidworks Parts Crank Shaft Cam Shaft Engine Valve Rocker arm backing spring Engine belts wheels Exhaust Manifold Engine Air Filter camshaft retainer Engine Cylinder Head Intake Manifold Engine Side Cover Oil Pan Cam & Crank shafts bushings Air Turbo engine rocker arm assembly Engine Block Valves Cover Piston alternatively we have the option to design any aircraft/ship piston-driven radial engine or in series. anyone can share any designs on solidworks I would appreciate. thanks in advance email : sbacharf120 @ gmail com
  4. I'm doing my masters in designing and manufacturing, where can i download solidworks standard for free? not trial version, all i find is zip files that require payment thank you
  5. Check out this website http://www.autozine.org/technical_school/chassis/tech_chassis.htm It lists different types of chassis including ladder type chassis
  6. Happy New Year 2016 to all and happy holidays!!
  7. Automatic transmission are more fuel thirsty because they use a torque converter which consumes energy , the output shaft has about 3% rpm loss
  8. The thermostat regulates the temperature of the engine. When it is fully open the coolant flows from the engine block to the radiator and to maintain temperature when its closed the circuit to the radiator is off. It's usually located in the upper section of the engine block
  9. In torque-horsepower graph the horsepower is gradually increases from 0 until its reaches peak at rpm limiter whereas torque is mostly stable.
  10. Hello all, I have used autocad in the past for 2d design but its limited performance for 3d design made me look for sth else. I want to try solidworks anyone know where to download ? link
  11. the function of clutch is to transmit power from crankshaft to the input shaft of gearbox flywheel is used in internal combustion engines to store energy in passive strokes, heavier flywheel less work fom engine to keep rotating at constant speed
  12. Governor regulates fuel which is supplied in the cylinder whereas flywheel is installed in crankshaft and its function is to store energy during power stroke and helps maintain smooth transition.of power
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