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  1. hello, next step. any thoughts how to set to fully defined so to add next cylinder??
  2. after setting the holes positions on sketch i pres to pinpoint the screws but the holes points are missing anyone have any thought what i have to do for the holes position to appear on sketch? thanks for feedback
  3. Im designing a v12 cross plane crank mold dimensions of the mold 1000x800x400mm and total weight of the moving mold will not exceed 10tn Diameters of cutting tools 25mm -200mm drilling 1mm-20mm estimated life cycle tools 50-60h carbon stylus 1mm -8mm =30-40E the strength requiremenent of a crank the material I choose is mild carbon steel 0.44C Si0.33 Mg0.8 Cr0.8 , any thoughts density of steel 7870kg/m3 mass of mold =0.32m3x 7,870kg/m3 = 2,518.4 kg price 8,9E/kg mass x $ = 2,518kg x8,9E/kg= 22,413.76E total cost of moving mold for the mold there are 5 subsequent steps, why 5 steps and not one for the final mold?
  4. the exhaust manifold is complete (left bank).
  5. i want to open holes for the valve cover and i have this how to constrain the holes? If you have any different suggestion please provide input
  6. i want to open holes for the valve cover and i have this how to constrain the holes? thanks for the input
  7. nice explanatory video... how can i create a spiral line in the middle and then create a surface to extrude?on the turbocharger thanks for the input
  8. thanks for your reply, how to free up mates? how to lessen from fixed connection to slide connection? please could you elaborate on that..
  9. the engine has a 90 degree V angle and the intake system will be between the cylinder banks and the firing order is 1-6-5-4-3-2. what will be the crank pins position in the V6 described above. Anyone willing to help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi guys, this is the first design , V6 ntake manifold, I have a question how i align the pin into the hole? cause it says it will break other mates? any feedack thanks in advance
  11. Hi guys I study automotive engineering, our first project is to design the basic parts of a V6 4stroke combustion engine DOHC and do a subassembly and then a simulation on solidworks. I'm not familiar with Solidworks Parts Crank Shaft Cam Shaft Engine Valve Rocker arm backing spring Engine belts wheels Exhaust Manifold Engine Air Filter camshaft retainer Engine Cylinder Head Intake Manifold Engine Side Cover Oil Pan Cam & Crank shafts bushings Air Turbo engine rocker arm assembly Engine Block Valves Cover Piston alternatively we have the option to design any aircraft/ship piston-driven radial engine or in series. anyone can share any designs on solidworks I would appreciate. thanks in advance email : sbacharf120 @ gmail com
  12. I'm doing my masters in designing and manufacturing, where can i download solidworks standard for free? not trial version, all i find is zip files that require payment thank you
  13. Check out this website http://www.autozine.org/technical_school/chassis/tech_chassis.htm It lists different types of chassis including ladder type chassis
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