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    This fitness band from Honor packs in a walk/tracker , a sleep monitor, as well as an optical heart rate sensor to give you a complete picture of your physical activities and wellbeing. Theband available in orange , navy blue, and black is rated as water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters , and you can eke out around a month of service on a single charge of its battery. When paired with your smartphone , it works with the handset GPS via the Huawei Wear app for accurate distance measurement and also serves you important notifications and alerts right on your wrist.
  2. The Wagan portable tyre inflator and 900 AMP battery booster pack is a must have if you are travelling out of the city this monsoon. The Wagan all in one user friendly combo can be a lifesaver if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere because of battery or tyre trouble.You can also use it to charge your cell phone, laptop and digital camera.
  3. Can we use motion sensors to stop the kneumatic devices, if yes then how. Pls guide me. 

    1. Shalini Chakraborty

      Shalini Chakraborty

      Sir, FIBARO as per the article is home automation device which can be used for controlling apppliances inside home ,switching on off, through sensors basically. The motion sensor used there  is applicable within home. Hence,these cannot be used for stoping pneumatic devices as per their range. 

  4. FIBARO Motion Sensor is a temperature, light and motion sensor. After detecting motion, the sensor uses color to inform about the temperature inside the room. It is cast in white and is 44mm in diameter. It is powered by the battery and can be located anywhere on the wall or ceiling. The battery can last up to two years and can be installed almost anywhere. It can sense motion, measure light, and temperature intensity. It can also detect the change in location or any attempts while opening case. The light sensor inside FIBARO uses optimal lighting parameters, illuminates space inside the building and conserves energy. The device informs about any further motion by sending notifications on the smartphone. The mobile app helps to control the sensor wherever we are. The device can count the number of people entered or left the room and if there are guests, it can turn the ventilation up and down depending on the number of people. The Motion Sensor sends video feeds to a user's mobile device for security purpose.
  5. Wally Home is an innovative device that prevents dangerous incidents occurring inside the home. It detects and alerts you of water leaks, changes in temperature and humidity as well as when doors and windows are open. Sensors are attached throughout the home without being attached to wiring. When an issue is encountered, users are informed through emails, push notifications, text messages or phone calls connected through wireless network or via ethernet cable. Wally App available on the App Store is compatible with additional smart home devices to provide total smart home management solutions. The digital speakers enable audible notifications and battery backup keeps the hub on for several hours.
  6. Sickle Innovations

    Sir, the machine is a Fruit Picker Machine named Hectare. When mangoes are picked up, the stem breaks so they have developed a machine which can pick it up, transport it to the ground and without causing the wound to the plant.

    Yes, that basically comes under home automation. Innovative devices for automation inside the home.

    Thank you, John and Sorry Sir. I was not aware in depth about the selenium package. Shared this article as I was going through the current technological developemnets.I would further gain knowledge about the same and write on this topic in upcoming days.
  9. Sickle Innovations

    Agriculture is the backbone of the strong economy. Agriculture is demographically the broadest sector and plays an important role in the overall economic development in India since India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs. So, this is another Mechanical Startup Story from the Agriculture based start-up Sickle Innovations. Sickle Innovations started in 2014 by the encouragement of Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore. Since in Indian demographic scenario, not the availability of farm labors, low profits and labor drudgery problems are encountered frequently, the aim of the startup involves developing innovative mechanization solutions through Design Thinking. The startup's website goes as follows The mango stem and transport it safely to the ground with the product name Hectare. The Cotton Picking Machine; being the second largest producer of cotton, challenges such as manual labor, intensive labor health problems have to be tackled by cotton producers. This handheld machine was developed by the company with patented technology that can double labor efficiency and enhances farmer income by 50%. The design eliminates injuries from cotton bur pricks and is self-powered fully automatic harvesting machine. Being the world's largest producer of milk and bovine population 3 times larger than USA, milk production per cow/buffalo is lower.Imported machines cannot suffice the need of country environments and cow breeds.Hence, the design of the company's machine keeps full potential with the local scenario. Hence, startups are equally important when it comes to tackling small or huge problems in day to day scenario with innovative simple solutions. Keep Going Ahead and Keep Bringing Innovative Ideas!!!

    Yes, Sir, Maybe the concept is in its nascent form and implementation goes according to the market and demographic location of the company since its new, I will further keep in mind to share some startup stories from other parts of the globe including India. The idea can have as many flaws as possible but the flaws can be improved wit time and further improvement under consideration.
  11. Automatic Conveyor is used to controlling the conveyor automatically by sensing the objects placed on the conveyor. Using RPM sensor, we can control the speed of the motor. The number of tags handled by the conveyor is displayed simultaneously on the speed of the conveyor. The Conveyor system saves the power of motor operating the conveyor by regulating conveyor automation. It consists of two object sensors, rpm sensor, rpm control circuit controlling the speed of the circuit. The object sensors detect the objects sends the signal to the motor driving circuit to on/off the motor. The Automatic Conveyor system thus saves the power of motor operating the conveyor by regulating the conveyor automation: the conveyor actuates only when the tag is sensed.

    Holla People!!!! Since it has been a long time I was waiting for starting the blog on Mechanical Startups, my first entry to the new blog starts with the few hardware startups in India. ATHER ENERGY is a privately owned founded by Swapnil Jain and Tarun Mehta in 2013 headquartered in Bangalore Karnataka. This budding startup has received fundings from Hero Motocorp, Tiger Global & Flipkart. Profoundly being a part of Automotive industry and producing electric vehicles, in the in-house designed Lithium-ion battery pack design. The Ather S340 has a touchscreen dashboard connected to the cloud, host of smart features and offers a top speed of 72 kph. The scooter is designed in-house by Ather and will be manufactured in India. Their website is known as The Ather S340 features from remote diagnosis to onboard navigation and rider behavior. The S340 stands for S (Scooter), 3 for 3KWH, 4 for 40 Amp-Hour Battery Capacity. It has lightweight aluminum chassis and can reach speeds of 72 kph and a range of up to 60 km. The vehicle can charge up to 80% in 50 minutes in fast charging mode. The Ather S340 has a Linux based dashboard with the 7-inch touch screen that integrates with cloud-based data through a 3G SIM card to enable constant data transfer and updates.The rider can create his user profile on the scooter, access onboard navigation and use the touch screen to switch between two modes - Sports and Economy. Different sensors installed in the scooter allow it to send all the information about rider behavior and riding pattern like braking, acceleration, mileage, efficiency to the cloud.Ather energy can also carry out upgrades on the scooter over the air due to 24X7 internet connectivity, without the need to bring the scooter to the manufacturer. The vehicles produced by ATHER ENERGY are covered under FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &)Electric Vehicles) scheme that offers incentives to the electric and hybrid vehicles ranging from Rs.1,800 to Rs.29,000 for scooters and motorcycles and Rs.1.38 Lac for cars. FAME is a part of National Electric Mobility Mission Plan by Government of India. As per the scheme, the customer can get the incentive in form of lower cost of the hybrid or electric vehicles at the time of purchase and the manufacturer can claim the incentive from the government at the end of each month.
  13. Whats the difference force and pressure?

    1. parsottam


      compare the unit of force and pressure.

      fornce in in N, where as pressure is in N/m2 or so..

      analyse you will get answer your own.

    2. Numan Mehar

      Numan Mehar

      nice working


  14. Biosensors are analytical devices that convert the biological response into an electrical signal. Scientists have developed biosensors that can quickly detect dengue and could help create a cheap tool to diagnose the painful mosquito-borne virus that infects millions each year. They are looking to produce a testing kit that could cost around 30 dollars and take about 15 minutes to analyse blood sample for a key dengue protein.
  15. As this section deals with concepts/ideas and projects on AUTOMATION/MECHATRONICS/ROBOTICS, it would be highly beneficial if the group members discuss the technological upcoming in this field, projects they have worked upon involving this field or new concepts or ideas of their own. Please feel free to discuss on topics and feel free to comment. Let us discuss topics every day and each day will be knowledgeable and beneficial for all of us.