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  1. LightSail Energy is one of the most eminent startups that hails from Silicon Valley founded by Danielle Fong, Steve Crane, and Ed Berlin in 2009. LightSail Energy has the concept of low-cost grid-scale energy storage solution in order to optimise power grids, democratizing access to energy and adhere on sustainable development. Investors such as Khosla Ventures, Innovacorp, Triple Point Capital, Peter Thiel, Bill Gates have invested in LightSail Energy. LightSail Energy produces one of the world cleanest and economical storage systems.The website of the startup is http://www.lightsail.com/ They have designed an excellent method of capturing heat energy and regenerating useful energy from compressing air. The process involves injecting fine, a dense mist of water spray which rapidly absorbs heat energy of compression and provides it during expansion. The system is fully reversible. To store energy, the system draws electricity from the grid and converts it into compressed air and heat. To deliver energy, compressed air and heat are turned back into electricity using the same system. The system has 300+ hours of operation, 10 degrees Celcius temperature difference, 1000 rpm reciprocating piston compressor/expander and 250 KW highest power achieved. For low-cost storage, air is packed in a convenient shipping container and for large storage, underground caverns are used. This way of storing energy could be helpful in transforming intermittent wind and solar power into baseload energy.
  2. One of the best guider i saw

  3. One of the best posts read so far for developing good habits #MustRead :)



  4. Nowadays, most of the mechanical companies use ATS for shortlisting resumes. How can we mould our resumes based on the keywords and how to select keywords for mechanical oriented companies?
  5. Voxel8 was founded in 2014 by scientists and engineers from Harvard University. This company was supported by Braemar Energy Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners. This company aims at developing digital footwear manufacturing systems which revolutionalize how footwear products are designed, manufactured and sold to the customers. In July, the company raised funding of $12 million to which Autodesk also contributed.It has also been named as one of the MIT Technology Reviews of 50 smartest companies in 2015. Voxel8's engineering grade polyurethanes are printed using ActiveMix system which enables programmable control of composition, geometry, mechanical properties of printed features on upper and 3D shapes. Voxel8 printer can pause automatically during a print to allow for electronic components to be placed inside specially printed cavities. Then the same machine can print the conductive traces connecting those components before completing the project. The ability to smoothening the printing process is done through innovative silver ink. Also, AutoDesk developed a new piece of software Project Wire from the ground to top in order to print 3D electronic devices. The digital manufacturing system of Voxel8 has short design and production cycle; utilizes zero tooling; is compact, flexible, scalable enabling localized production and distribution to minimize warehousing and shipping cost.
  6. Now a VCR remote can be programmed to operate several brands of televisions.This has been possible because of the revolutionary invention of Universal Remote. Universal Remote was developed in 1987 by CL9, a startup founded by Steve Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple I and Apple II. Universal Remote can be used to control numerous brands of several types of electronic devices for consumers. There are two types of Universal Remote- Low end and High end depending on the number of devices they can control. The features of Universal Remote are as follows: A power button and switch to select the electronic device to control; Channel and Volume Up and Down buttons; Numeric Keypad for channel numbers; Set button; D-pads for DVD navigation and set-up boxes. Higher end Universal Remote include Macro programming, LCD to display information, programmable soft keys, repeaters so that they are compatible with different designs available. Recently launched Logitech Harmony Ultimate is the Universal Remote aimed to control 15 devices with RF Control, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IR, Web programmable through Windows and Macs, rechargeable, works also through app-based platforms.
  7. This fitness band from Honor packs in a walk/tracker , a sleep monitor, as well as an optical heart rate sensor to give you a complete picture of your physical activities and wellbeing. Theband available in orange , navy blue, and black is rated as water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters , and you can eke out around a month of service on a single charge of its battery. When paired with your smartphone , it works with the handset GPS via the Huawei Wear app for accurate distance measurement and also serves you important notifications and alerts right on your wrist.
  8. The Wagan portable tyre inflator and 900 AMP battery booster pack is a must have if you are travelling out of the city this monsoon. The Wagan all in one user friendly combo can be a lifesaver if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere because of battery or tyre trouble.You can also use it to charge your cell phone, laptop and digital camera.
  9. Can we use motion sensors to stop the kneumatic devices, if yes then how. Pls guide me. 

    1. Shalini Chakraborty

      Shalini Chakraborty

      Sir, FIBARO as per the article is home automation device which can be used for controlling apppliances inside home ,switching on off, through sensors basically. The motion sensor used there  is applicable within home. Hence,these cannot be used for stoping pneumatic devices as per their range. 

  10. FIBARO Motion Sensor is a temperature, light and motion sensor. After detecting motion, the sensor uses color to inform about the temperature inside the room. It is cast in white and is 44mm in diameter. It is powered by the battery and can be located anywhere on the wall or ceiling. The battery can last up to two years and can be installed almost anywhere. It can sense motion, measure light, and temperature intensity. It can also detect the change in location or any attempts while opening case. The light sensor inside FIBARO uses optimal lighting parameters, illuminates space inside the building and conserves energy. The device informs about any further motion by sending notifications on the smartphone. The mobile app helps to control the sensor wherever we are. The device can count the number of people entered or left the room and if there are guests, it can turn the ventilation up and down depending on the number of people. The Motion Sensor sends video feeds to a user's mobile device for security purpose.
  11. Wally Home is an innovative device that prevents dangerous incidents occurring inside the home. It detects and alerts you of water leaks, changes in temperature and humidity as well as when doors and windows are open. Sensors are attached throughout the home without being attached to wiring. When an issue is encountered, users are informed through emails, push notifications, text messages or phone calls connected through wireless network or via ethernet cable. Wally App available on the App Store is compatible with additional smart home devices to provide total smart home management solutions. The digital speakers enable audible notifications and battery backup keeps the hub on for several hours.
  12. Sir, the machine is a Fruit Picker Machine named Hectare. When mangoes are picked up, the stem breaks so they have developed a machine which can pick it up, transport it to the ground and without causing the wound to the plant.
  13. Yes, that basically comes under home automation. Innovative devices for automation inside the home.
  14. Thank you, John and Sorry Sir. I was not aware in depth about the selenium package. Shared this article as I was going through the current technological developemnets.I would further gain knowledge about the same and write on this topic in upcoming days.
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