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  1. When I found Some structure deformation 0,1 mm, What need I do? I am doing the structural analysis for 1 second. But If we think. It is a constructor, What will happen? I also looked von-misses, it is ok. But how need I declared d
  2. Why we can not see sometimes when rotor system turn so fast? we see sometimes rotor system like don't turn, but They turn in that time. For example When we think a car, It goes 200 km/h, But It's Wheel seen like don't turn. Can someone explain to me with theory? what is that?
  3. I want to search win turbine vibration problems. But, Scientists Searched it. I want to search unsolved problems.
  4. Do you have any information about vibration problems of wind turbine?
  5. Hello Everbody; I need to learn, What materials of Phone or Tablet Touchscreen? Also, I need to reference.
  6. I wanted to explain with a simple drawing I hope I could tell.
  7. Hello, I have a revolving mechanism. I want to translate this mechanism into linear motion. If we imagine the rotating body on the X plane. My linear motion has to be in the form of a movement of 10 cm above the rotating body, going in the x-axis. So I want to get a 2nd position that moves from the bottom position, which is rotating, to the same x coordinate and moves 10 cm above the rotation using the bottom mechanism. I tried to summarize what I wanted to say in the picture I shared. I'm delighted if you give me an idea.
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