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  1. Hello everyone, I need some guidance. I am moving to the USA soon, and I was checking some job posts in mechanical engineering, a lot of them ask for lean manufacturing certification. I work in industrial/product design and was planning on taking the GD&T certification. What are your thoughts on the subject? should I take the lean manufacturing certification? if yes, which one should I take first, GD&T or lean manufacturing? And how much is the lean manufacturing certification considered to be a good thing to have? (I am asking because where I live now, a lot of university graduates continue and take their MBA, so its value has went down dramatically, I want to see if it is the same with lean manufacturing in the USA) Regards, ejrego
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to design a rack and pinion system. Usually I used to work with straight racks. Now I have a project that needs a curved rack. I attached some pictures and was wondering about your input on the matter. Where should the rack go? (side, bottom or top?) How to design the curved section (parallel to ground)? How to design the curved section that has the inclination (parallel to the vertical plane)?
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