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  1. just try to simulate the process in a computational mechanics software. a correct model would give you the exact force needed for that.
  2. good evening engineers. does anyone know if there are international standards on CFD or thermal simulation , I can not find anything on the Internet? if so can you give me a reference. and thx
  3. Well i'm not a professional .i'm just a mechanical engineering student like you , but i think that for a mechanical engineer's career . the best softwares to learn are. solidworks for CAD. catia for surfacing and ergonomics Mastercam for CAM and Abaqus for simulation
  4. What is the difference between work hardening and residual stress ?
  5. I'm a mechanical engineering student . for this semester (2nd) I've got a project in which i have to design a cutting machine for the profile that i uploaded Below and by design i mean the cutting power calculations . the circular saw sizing and the "Isostatisme " for which i can't find a synonym in english ( how to fix the stretched Profile to the machine) to be honest i don't even know where to start from. can any one give me an advice and thank you
  6. well in except that both of them are Dassault Systèmes's products . there is a little difference between them. Basically , Solidworks is a CAD (computer aided design) software - the best of it's kind i assume - Simple to manipulate , easy to learn and used by almost every single industry in the world . CATIA is A CAM software , indeed it's better than solidworks in some modules such as surfacing and kinematics. But the main idea is that in CATIA you can not only create a mechanism , but a factory in which it will be produced, the machining processes required, and even you can simulate ergonomics studies as well, like weather the current layout of a plant will be comfortable for workers to work or not. So you can simulate the whole thing within a virtual reality, including, and of course, rendering. However CATIA is almost exclusively used in Aviation and Automotive industries. So there is no doubt you need to learn them both ... because let's say if you want to create an airplane Use CATIA to create the surface and to simulate the manufacturing process and Solidworks would easily handle the engines
  7. To be honest,I have no idea about AUTO-DESK INVENTOR and I do not think AutoCAD is an interesting designing software for mechanical engineering. I mean sure it can do 2D Drafting, 3D modeling, Rendering... but when it comes to simulation it's a "beginner" compared to some interesting softwares such as Abaqus , CATIA or Ansys . in fact designing is not only about making a sketch and extruding it , if you get what i mean , vibration analysis, finiteliment calculations etc... are what you are looking after as a mechanical engineer and obviously AutoCAD is not the best for such calculations. I personally prefer to work with solidworks , it has thousands of libraries , and it's getting better every year , To learn I'll prefer you go AutoCAD but if you want to be a professional designer go for Solidworks or CATIA. you may need to start with basics : part design , assembly and drafting . later you have to attack some profound subjects such as the sheet metal, mold tools, surfacing , weldment etc... and the simulation of course
  8. Well there is no such "best lubricant", I guess. But there is always the best solution for the system that you are working on . Obviously you can't use water ot grafpite to lubricate a CD player. And you can't use magnetic field to lubricate a turbo jet either . It's all matter of compatibility, and a little bit of engineering ,
  9. Dear Sir/Madam As part of my engineering studies, I must have 6 one-month-internship and 6 completed projects, one in each semester. For projects I do not have much of a choice since they are given by the teachers.But for the internship, I have to choose. But it's a bit hard to choose in which sector i would do that. my first one was in last january and i did it the aeronautical sector which proved to be a really bad choice. hence i'm asking for an advice. Which sectors should I choose and in which order ?
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