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  1. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum and I'd appreciate some help with a table that I'm making. The table top is timber, and there are extension pieces to attach to each end of the table. I have made a pair of rails (20mm box steel) that pull-out from the end of the table that will support the extensions. The pull-out rails run through bearings which hold the rails tightly (no play or looseness). All works well, and the extension sits snugly against the end of the table. However, the extensions flex downwards when leaned on. This has the effect of opening a gap between the table top and extension. I think that there will always be some flex in the support rails and the bearings that they run through, so, I'm looking for some way to prevent/reduce the gap that opens up when the extension is leaned on. I've tried clamping the extension to the table top which improves the situation, but not satisfactorily. I've attached a couple of pics which will hopefully illustrate what I'm talking about. The top photo shows the underside of the table top and the extension (ignore the bearings shown in this pic), the bottom photo shows the correct bearings, but no extension (the only photos I had to hand). So, I'm looking for suggestions for a mechanism that will hold the extension tightly against the table top, so that the gap between them can't open. Please note though, that I don't want to have any mechanism or fittings showing on the end of the table, i.e. the mechanism must fit to the underside of the table only. Thanks in advance! Andy-C
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