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  1. On most occassion at the exit of the condensor we attain saturated liquid or subcooled liquid refrigerant. The expansion of this liquid through an expansion valve is carried out to reduce its temp and pressure. In multi stage compression, although compression is carried out in two or more stages the expansion is carried out in a single stage. Here the liquid when expanded will tend to convert into its vapor state. This phenomenon is called flashing of liquid into gas. Now ideally, it would be meaningless to expand this gas further and after passing it through the evaporator coils it has to be
  2. Hey Is there a seperate section on this blog for exam preparation? I am preparing for the GATE exam and need some guidance

  3. Good evening to all my respected fellow mechanical engineers. I would like to begin by introducing myself. I am Aniket Malekar and I am student of prefinal year of mechanical engineering. I am currently pursuing my course in the Univ. Of Pune, India in a private college. I just appeared for my exams and I am about to be promoted to the final year of the course. When I chose to pursue my studies in mechanical engg I had the least idea of the scope in careers as a Mechanical engg. I chose this field as I took quite some interest in automobiles. However during the coarse of my study I
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