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  1. @The Big B Dude you are an amazing person. Thank you. I was more meaning to light them all with one button without usbs, waterproof. But I will reverse your calculations and find what I need I used this powerbank just for leds before had no problems other than usb getting unplugged from vibration. Maybe I can be a little more optimistic and get like 60 mins life and this power bank? I have fake airpods case I could use for charging and for the button, waterproof it easily.
  2. Hi all, I bought four 1W Star LED's, specs are given below and I want to make a build in lighting system for my E-skateboard. The reason I do this is cause I do not want to remove lights to charge them and want to be able to switch them on from a single button. But I do not have enough electrical knowledge to build the circuit. I would appreciate if someone who has could draw a diagram for me and post it. I prefer using resistors over drivers which are easier to hide. It will be on for an hour maximum since the battery of the board runs out before that. Thanks in advance for your help.
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