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  1. It didn't work. I think this time it was better but still it drains out water. I tried placing detergant tank higher this helped at low pressures but when I fully open the valve water is still coming out...
  2. Hello there I'm new to the forum. I signed up because of this problem I've faced. Wanted to ask you your opinions. So I've built a bottle washer for my homebrew beer kit. it work like I've described at the picture below. The porblem is There is water coming out of detegant tank intead of high speed fluid vacuuming it. I was expecting that but I also tought the water flow in the main pipe would suck the detergant when it is flowing. Any ideas how I can solve it? I got one described in pictur but its kinda hard to build from scrap. It would be great if someone could explain why it doesn't work and how can I make it work. (I can see it acts as just another hole in the tube squirting out water