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  1. Good Day I want some advice regarding a borehole installation. I am a mechanical engineer working at a mine. We are going to be installing a new dewatering borehole in July. The hole in 250 meters deep, and we will be installing a 300 cubic meter pump. The pipe we ordered is a stainless steel pipe that is fabricated in 6.1 meter segments. we are looking at an outside diameter of 193.7 mm and a 5.8 mm wall thickness for the pipe. We are planning one welding reducing sockets to the ends of the pipes and machining male and female threads so that each section can screw into the next. But due to the length of the borehole, and the skew nature of boreholes, we will need the joining sections to be flexible somehow without compromising the strength of the assembly. Now my question is, has anyone come across a similar project? I need some drawings of a similar design to present to the consulting engineer firm we are going to use so they do not start from scratch. I could draw up the design myself, but am not sure of the design. I am hoping there is someone out there who can provide me with an idea, or drawing of such a pipe splicing. Or maybe just point me in the right direction. any feedback will be appreciated
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