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    bashtech institute
  1. Its just as he said .you'll need another boatfull of batteries to go more than an hour.good luck bro.try something
  2. You need a simple electric motor attached to a gearbox preferably scooter type gearbox to increase output speed. Just suggesting.and get AAA 1.2 volts batteries connected in series to give you 12 volts then in parallel to give you boost.you can find spacers in Amazon to help cool batteries from solar recharging. Thanks Alkaline batteries work wonders now.
  3. Can IQ be determined by school results and test I seriously doubt that examinations result represents the IQ of ma individual. Prove me wrong pls
  4. I also had same issue with math but good in design of simple machines and understand working processes of some complex machines easily.it just took me 1 year 6 month to learn how to fix diesel and petrol generators practically.but theoretically I'm learning that on my own and it's been a lot of help to me in my field. K19 Cummins generator overhaul If you enjoy mechanical engineering don't give up on it because of maths.persistence pays.it better to work at what you enjoy doing it easily becomes pleasure.
  5. cylinders are used to avoid stress concentration and distribution of kinetic power of gas molecule exerting pressure at a time period and easy exit of gas material without residue.thats my idea
  6. Diesel engines are superior designs to cancell out high vibration due to high compression ratio resulting to higher power stroke n efficient turque power than gasoline engines.dont know much though but I like this forum learnt much But how do u know a good diesel fuel
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