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  1. Actually I'm asked to have a static analysis of a flywheel under constant angular velocity in terms of stress, strain and displacement.
  2. I want to analyze for example during the maximum rotational velocity, the stress distribution on the wheel, safety factor values, how many cycles can it bear at this velocity... Should I take the clutch attached to it into account? I've found some experiments that focused on the temperature changes between the flywheel and the clutch. This data will be added. I know I should take flywheel's weight into account too, but how would I know where it is concentrated mostly in?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm an mechanically stupid mechanical engineering student. I have a project that requires Ansys analysis of a machine element. I've chosen a flywheel (found on internet) which happened to be a Mazda RX-8 flywheel. The dimensions are true to size, it is ready for production. The problem is, I generally really have no idea which influencers to apply on the wheel and where to find the accurate values of the ones that I know. I know I have to apply torque, angular velocity, and maybe the weight of the wheel. Can anyone please tell me exactly which influencers to
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