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  1. You should provide more detail. But if we assume some data i.e the diameter of the screw shaft to be used to move the saddle is 0.3 m, then one rotation will move the saddle by 2*3.1415*.15=0.94 m. For 2m/60sec it will require more than 2 rotation/min. Let the rpm 2.5, diameter 0.3m, mass of saddle 3500kg= 34335N force Torque= 34335*0.3=10300.5N-m Neglecting other factors like friction, mechanical loss etc. Power required=(2*3.1416*2.5*10300.5)/60=2697 watt=2.7kW. Hope it will be helpful.
  2. If you use a centrifugal pump to blow air or gas it will be a very inefficient way of blowing air or gas. You will have very low output because the impeller designed in centrifugal pump are to deliver liquid and the rpm is also different in case of PUMP. But if you use compressor then you can develop necessary pressure for your requirement. Otherwise you may use centrifugal blower according to your requirements. thanks
  3. Thermal conductivity is the constant which signifies the heat transfer rate along the length of the body per unit temperature difference. This is why it has unit watt/m°K Thermal resistance is a similar concept as the electrical resistance. This is the resistance which hampers the heat flow. In the conduction equation the (L/KA) part is called thermal resistance. The reciprocal of thermal resistance is called thermal conductance.
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