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  1. Hello everyone I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out what would be the total output torque of both rated and peak for this chart with the gearbox. http://www.anaheimautomation.com/products/brushless/brushless-gearmotor-item.php?sID=158&pt=i&tID=98&cID=47&item=BLWRPG232S-36V-4000 Below the chart says "Torque of the output shaft (after gear-box) = (Peak Motor Torque) X (Gear Ratio)", but what would be the rated torque? (There's also two peak torques, one on both tables, but I'm guessing we use the peak of the first table. So then what is the peak torque on the
  2. Hello everyone I have a question regarding the Mars rover, Rocker-Bogie design. I learned of this suspension design studying the Mars rover but then wondered why it didn't have shocks or dampening mechanism to absorb the impact from falls off of small heights. Wouldn't the electronics or the arm take some of the impact? Does the rover not need shocks because the robot doesn't go fast? But shouldn't it prepare for taking on impact considering that it's roaming around a terrain that isn't known well? Thank you
  3. Thank you, everyone, for helping me out. I will use the links you sent me and keep on working on it.
  4. Hello I'm new to this forum. Today I have a basic question regarding motor torque calculation. I'm going to build a robot and its requirements are: weight = 70kg slope = 60 degrees (going over bumpy rocks) wheel diameter = 8 in speed = around 7ft/s preferable acceleration = 2ft/s^2 (chosen at random. This number could be lower) Terrain = soft sand and hard sand, basically a desert wheel numbers = six Type of robot = rocker bogie I need to choose the right motor for this robot. Could anyone help me guide me through the calculations necessary to find t
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