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  1. Jatin_flip

    Flange Bearing Mounting

    Hi Henry Thanks for the information, very practical explaination of the bearing fitment. But in this case, I am not machining a separate housing for this specific bearing. Want to figure out how this specific flange bearing can be mounted securely.
  2. Hey Guys, This is my first ever post here ever. I am working on a mechanical assembly and using the flange bearing (As shown in the picture). I am putting the bearing on a sheet metal part, the fit is a mild transition fit so the bearing is working just fine. But i am a little skeptical if it'll work in the long run. Can somebody suggest a better way with positive engagement to assemble this kind of bearing. 1. I have discarded the possibility of machining the circlip groove on the bearing, as it might damage the bearing while machining. 2. Also avoiding the use of extra housing to rest the bearing, it'll add to the cost. If somebody can help, please reply. Thanks