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  1. DrD, JAG, thank you for the responses. I have got it from: "Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design" By Vukota Boljanovic I really think there is a mistake, Knowing E: 210.000 MPa, E square (ExE) would make always ZERO that division, considering YS, D and T very smaller numbers, don't you think? It has no sense. Furthermore, units do not work and there is no constant to fix it, like DrD said
  2. may be with a CNC spring coiling machine I recommend you to make your post short and specific. Sometimes you do not get answers just because there is much to read... good luck
  3. Hello, I am trying to know the force for a 3 roll bending of a 3 mm steel sheet. it seems like this formula is wrong. Units do not match. That E square is not ok, what do you think? thanks !
  4. Hi !! i am designing parts of a strightener. ¿which would be the formula to know the force in the rolls? I considered it like a three-roll bending. I think the formula attached has a mistake because of the units. Someone knows another formula? Thanks a lot !
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