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  1. Hello friends,


    May i know wheather TIG welding require Filler Material?

    if yes or if NO please give ur comments for that....

    1. Xeric Halwende

      Xeric Halwende

      Filler rod is not mandatory in this type of welding.( That's the most advantageous and convenient because you can't have this option for other welding processes).  You can use a filler rod of compatible material to the base material and the material that can fit into the melting point to enhance the welding! Good luck 

  2. Hello friends,

    I need an open Source Software for Design Failure MOde Effect Analysis (DFMEA). 

    please suggest me any reliable source for the same as soon as possible.

    Thank you,

    Best regards

  3. Hello friends,

    Good Morning to all,

    I would like to start an startup company in tamilnadu, India, which is may native.

    Can i have some tips that i need to take care as an enterpreneur.

    Thank you

    I am waiting for your valuable reply.

  4. Hello sir, I  have an doubt... please clarify me..

    If there is a small scale industry with 50 members of man power then which type of business entity does it belongs to?


    sole propritorship or

    Limited Liability Company(LLC) or

    corpoation or 

    Some others

  5. Kabilan Kamaraj

    ansys software

    hi, Have a e-learning which will be very useful and easy to learn on our own....i too learn creo in E-learning only now working as a R&D engineer in Engineering Design field at turbo energy pvt ltd, Chennai
  6. Hi, Hello mam,

     I am Kabilan from india, I am a Mechanical engineer completed my degree in lst academic batch (may-2017), Now am working as a R&D engineer at Turbo Energy pvt ltd, i am in ENgineering Design field, we use Creo Parametric 3.0 software for design purpose, i need a link or a PDF format to learn about creo parametric 3.0

    Thank you,

     Best Regards.

    kabilan kamaraj.


  7. Kabilan Kamaraj

    Book Required

    Hi hello friends , I need Thermodynamics book by P.K.NAG in PDF format not as link. Please share the same as soon as possible. Thank you. Best regards.
  8. Kabilan Kamaraj


    hi, you can get all Mechanical E-books in PDF format in my website... kabilmech.wordpress.com incase if you required any other books please contact me with book name and author... i will update you as sson as possible Thank you, Best regards
  9. Kabilan Kamaraj


    yes, ofcourse... please stay in connect... https://kabilmech.wordpress.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/kabilan-k-b08a01125/ Thank you. Best regards
  10. Kabilan Kamaraj

    Official Web Address

    Hi, Hello friends, https://kabilmech.wordpress.com This is my offical website. I have atatched a pdf which contails all mechanical bookds please take a overview and plesae like and leave yoyur comment in my likned in page.. Thank you Best Regards.
  11. hi hello friends...this is my offical website...please like and use it....

    I have updated the Mechancal books PDF...please take a view and leave your comments in my linked in page...


    Thank you


  12. Kabilan Kamaraj


    super bro....thank you so much
  13. Kabilan Kamaraj

    Books required

    hi, Its ok...anyway thank you for your valuable reply... Best regards.
  14. Kabilan Kamaraj

    Books required

    Hi Hello frnds, i need the pdf file of following books Thermodynamics - P.K.Nag Strength of Material - R.K.Bansal Please share the files as soon as possible. Thank you Best Regards
  15. Hello frnds

    I need PDF of following books

    Thermodynamics - by P.K,Nag

    Strength of materials - R.K.Bansal

    Please send me the following pdf as soon as possible.


    Best regards