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  1. New product development is vital to any engineering company especially n this fast moving consumer market. But there is a high chance that your new product fail because of some avoidable mistakes. Read more on how you can avoid those common mistakes
  2. Hi Osman Since you are in final year I assume you know heating, ventilation and air conditioning field inside out. Rather than asking other people for project ideas best thing to do would be ( in my mind) to identify common issues, next technology leap etc by some common research. Search for common issues these units are having to identify a a problem Talk to few suppliers, industrial end users, installing agents etc to identify a common problems Visit unit manufacturers website and read their white papers to identify what they are looking at for the next generation technology leap so on... This way you will find a niche idea or issue to research and do your project. This also will help you to be at the forefront of what the current technology trend. In case if you are successful at solving an issue to come up with a new idea you could start a business providing a solution. good luck Prakash Engineering Product Design
  3. Hi Odey Stepper motors are slightly different in ways that it works compared to normal DC or AC motors. You need to get the torque and acceleration/deceleration profile right otherwise the motor will miss steps. If you dont have a closed loop system then the motor would not know that is has missed steps.Are you planning on using an encoder or a positional feedback system? Do you have a sketch of the system you are referring as I couldn't visualise how you system works from your description(sorry). In your case, you need to to consider the following torques. Acceleration torque, frictional torque and the gravitational torque from the weight of the your tube. Good luck Senthil J Prakash Design knowledge base
  4. Normally the Fahrenheit temperature reading below zero.... Critical temperature of a gas is the temperature above in which a vapour of the gas cannot be liquefied with increasing pressure...
  5. I got my first 3D printed aluminium alloy parts. As the image shows it looks like it’s been manufactured using casting. The 3D printing technology used to print these parts is called Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). It’s one of many 3D printing technologies available these days More pictures here
  6. Manufacturing processes have come a long way since the industrial revolution and with the introduction of new technologies such as additive manufacturing, it will only get better and more advance. But as Mechanical and manufacturing engineers ( and Product designers) how well do we know various manufacturing processes available. Are we slowly losing some of the oldest manufacturing techniques. Test your manufacturing process knowledge here and see how well you understand the different processes.... Manufacturing process survey
  7. Hi Guys,

    I am conducting a manufacturing process knowledge survey 

    manufacturing process survey

    Would appreciate your participation


    Senthil J Prakash

  8. I am conducting a research study on the knowledge of manufacturing processes, from traditional casting to latest additive manufacturing among engineers. I shall appreciate if you could spare few minutes of your valuable time to complete the questionnaire (link below) which would help me on my Engineering Product Design research.https://goo.gl/ApCcHBThank you in advance.
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