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  1. Hi there. I have a question about the tuning of a PID (PI) controller in hydraulic drive trains with high inertia. I have a system with a 100kW hydraulic motor with an installed on its shaft encoder. That is how I am getting feedback from it. Not surprisingly I have a controller for acquisition and control of the hydraulic system (there are a few valves in the circuit). The last time when I was trying to tune the PID in the system (in the controller’s software), but I failed miserably. I did everything according to the standard tuning procedure (https://robotics.stackexchange.com/questions/167/what-are-good-strategies-for-tuning-pid-loops like here for instance) increase the proportional gain to reach steady oscillations and so on. At the end of the day the controller works, but too slow. And since it is a big hydraulic system that spins quite fast, I’ve decided not to go too crazy with the parameters and stopped there. I read that it is quite challenging to tune PID controllers in hydraulic systems. The funniest thing is that I have a mathematical model of the system in Matlab/Simulink. So, in theory, I can easily derive the PID parameters. I did it once, and it did not work out either. So could you please advise any best practice for PID (PI) tuning when it comes to fairly big hydraulic drive trains? Thank you in advance.
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