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  1. So now im in this debate if a 1 to 1ratio gearhead can give more strength and obviously it can how does this affect science? In cells it is believed that the center gives the most strength when if we understood how strength is being sent we could understand how to make stronger cells using cells of lesser strength on the outside and not in the center then the nucleus could be any cell It would help a lot of fields but I am still in a debate if a 1 to 1 ratio can give strength I had 2 companies agree one said You could accomplish that by using different motor bodies another company said In order to get the same speed at different torque based on the same nominal voltage, it would be better to use same gearbox but different motor to do this job I bought these 2 motors and sent them to America to have someone put together Planetary gearhead GPX 22 HP Ø22 mm 2.4 nm Planetary gearhead GPX 26 LN Ø26 mm, 1.8nm Both have this: Reduction26 : 1 Absolute reduction4950/190 Mass inertia1.31 gcm² I paid so much a sales rep came to me and when I told him I am trying to make a 1 to 1 ratio gear head increase torque he said he would have nothing to do with me and he stopped all our conversations heres a little video I made https://photos.app.goo.gl/jLzL5zhuoHedATEX2 A 1 to 1 ratio gear head increasing torque means a lot I hope someone people can help me speak to the international community about this
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