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    Production Engineering,Automobile Engineering
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    B.Tech (Mechanical)
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    B.Tech (Mechanical)
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    C.U.Shah College of Engineering and Technology

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    Design and Development of Human Powered Vehicle.
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    Got 4th Renk in Project in Exhebation

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  1. Classification of Automobiles. (A) According to Use 1.Auto cycle. 2.Motor cycle. 3.Car and Jeep. 4.Buses and Trucks. (B) According to capacity 1.Heavy transport vehicle e.g. Trucks and buses. 2.Light transport vehicle e.g. Car,Jeep (C) According to fuel used 1.Petrol vehicle e.g. scooter,BIke 2.Diesel vehicle e.g. Car,Truck,Buses 3.Gas vehicle e.g. Auto rikshaw 4.Solar vehicle e.g. Car. (D) According to Wheels 1.Two wheelers e.g Bike,Scotty 2.Three Wheelers e.g. Auto Rikshaw 3.Four Wheelers e.g. Car,Jeep 4.Six and More Wheel e.g. buses and Heavy Truck (E) According to drive (i) According to sitting 1.Left hand drive e.g American vehicle 2.Right hand drive e.g Indian vehicle (ii) Accoring to power 1.Front wheel drive 2.Rear wheel drive 3.All wheel drive (F) According to transmission 1.Conventional type e.g. Gear box 2.Semi automatic 3.Fully automatic (G) According to suspension system 1.Conventional : Leaf spring 2.Independent : Hydraulic shock absorber (H) According to engine fitting 1.Front engine. 2.Rear engine 3.Transverse under floor engine e.g Bus engine (I) According to body construction 1.Closed car. e.g Alto 800,Swift 2.Open car e.g Racing car 3.Special Car e.g Lemborgini
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