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  1. Are gas turbines more efficient than ic engines? There is two types of efficiencies. -mechanical efficiency and -thermal efficiency. Now, mechanical efficiency of gas turbine is higher than that of I.C engine. But thermal efficiency of gas turbine is lesser than that of I.C engine irrespective of the size of turbine. In order to get efficiency of IC engine gas turbine should be provided with additional auxiliaries such as intercooler, regenerator, and reheater which results in complex system and higher cost . Obviously in small gas turbines it is not feasible to includ
  2. How works a two Stoke engine?

  3. What we use fly wheel in bike?

  4. Apart from the complex math we do to find that most effective cross section of a canal for a common man the explanation can be 1. It is easier to build. As trapezoidal cross section does not need vertical walls made of concrete and the lining can be easily done. 2. This trapezoidal section offers least frictional resistance. 3. This offers a minimal flow speed even when the quantum of flow is very low. As rectangular section will have stagnent water. 4. The increase in flow depth is not equal to increased flow but the depth raised gradually increases even if water quantity is suddenly inc
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