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  1. In India, we generally use 1st angle projection. Generally, we view a body as if it is in the first quadrant. So, just for the simplicity of drawing the orthographic views, we prefer first angle projection.As I mentioned before, It is assumed that the HP is rotated clockwise. If you rotate the HP Counter clockwise, then the views will overlap in case of first and third angle projection, and then the second and fourth angle projections will be favourable. So 1st angle
  2. tractors and Backhoe loaders are supposed to maintain a constant depth in ploughing/digging. For this it requires the movement of the body to be restricted so that we dont disturb the main tractor functions. If we have a suspended tractor which bounces too much over undulations in a field then we cannot expect the implement to have a constant ploughing depth which is a requirement in agriculture.
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