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  1. Hey Guys... I have a question... My water pump for my marine engine is in pieces and I noticed that out of the two bearing it has ( One is a regular bearing that I have removed) one is slightly different in construction. At the top end of the shaft it has a solid interlock to marry with the engine driven component of the shaft. Directly behind this is the first bearing. Now.... the shaft is at its thickest in the middle section ( where the second bearing sits,), thinner at the far end where the impeller goes and get this.... Thinner under the first bearing. Looking straight on I ca see the bearing would have fitted over the fattest part of the shaft but now I cannot remove it because it seems to be siezed to something that could be a collar or second bearing under that bearing that also rotates around the shaft but sits in that narrow section and would not be able to be removed over the thick shaft section... The bearing and bit underneath turns, and if i simultaneously pull the outer bearing back, it will rotate around this 'collar'. Phew I hope that makes sense. I can get down the boat and get some photos if anyone needs them to clarify... So my question is, does anyone know what this might be? if I removed the outer bearing will something irreplacable fall to bits in my hand? Thanks for your reading! Cheers Dan
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