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  1. I'm a 14 year old 9th grader, who was pushed back one grade in math from the USA average, which lands me in an entire other year of Pre-Algerba while all my friends are in Algerba 2 (My school has relatively high standards). I am looking to become a mechanical engineer but I'm afraid I won't be capable from my math skills and stance at the moment. I have a 89.50% average in Pre-Algerba incase that will be important later. My GPA is currently 3.75 if it's not weighted and taken straight from all of my class averages. Can I become an engineer and/or learn the required mathematics, physics, and other subjects required to become what I want to be? I'm planning on going to the University of Arkansas when I graduate high school and taking classes to get a masters degree in mechanical engineering . Thanks.
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