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  1. Hello all, I work in the nuclear industry. Is there anyone here who work in the same industry. So, has anyone heard of rolled rings? These rolled rings are not just used in the nuclear industry but also in the other places like: jet engines, jet turbines, paper mills, windmills, helicopter gearboxes. And yes, these are used by the pharmaceutical companies too. Rolled ring forging is a process that begins with a circular preform of metal that has already been pierced to make a hollow “doughnut” shape. This ring is heated, then rotate to reduce its wall thickness and increasing the diameters of the resulting ring. We have these from the industrial forge. Some of the advantages of using rolled ring forgings: Forgings are stronger than other components, maintaining their strength through high-temperature fluctuations. These rings are manufactured at a lower cost than similar products. There’s less machining involved because the rings closely match the contour of the finished shape. These rings can be made from any forgeable material – alloy, stainless steel, carbon, aerospace metals. Compared to other components, it’s easier to predict how rolled rings will react to heat. Hope this helped.
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