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    Managing all communication during quoting process sucks?!

    Hey @Zartoc, That was the design by default of the page. We changed it now - its free to use it and try it We're looking for people that faced the issue as us - if you want to give us your feedback that'd be awesome! Thanks
  2. Hey Guys! My team and I built multiple products in the past and had to work with many manufacturers. We went through multiple quoting processes with them and felt that the whole process of keeping track of all communication with them was a huge time suck. Most of it was done through email (100+ emails) with lots of back and forth. We wasted an insane amount of time sifting through email, comparing quotes and updating each vendor (and our team member) on any change we had to do on our prototype and product part. We decided to build something internally to automate and simplify that process with a 'slack type' tool aggregating all communication/quote with manufacturers, product parts, and your team. The plan is to eliminate the wasted time to go to production. We decided to release it publicly for free thinking it could also benefit others. Get it here:https://quotely.landinglion.com/homepage/ Cheers!