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  4. Yes Gautam, In my opinion you must do the BTech now. Because it will help a lot in future. No doubt you will get a job now. But after 4-5 years your juniors in the company will get promotions and salary hikes easily. So you must do BTech. Because companies give promotions on the basis of Education as well as performance. Jyoti ABCPune
  5. Automobile designers combine knowledge of physics with aesthetics to create cars that appeal to the eye while being safe, energy efficient, and fun to drive. Automotive design is a competitive career that attracts many who love cars, trucks, and vans, but one which requires top-level talent to train for and then to apply for. If you have a love of motor vehicles and the desire to turn your dream automobile designs into reality on the road. You must choose a good college for this course. Jyoti ABCPune
  6. In my opinion, Power Plant Engineering will be a good option. Jyoti ABCPune
  7. MATLAB software i know. But there are a number of softwares which all have discussed here. Jyoti ABCPune
  8. Welcome to the forums abcpune :)

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