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  1. Hello all, I am planning to start a new storage business in Ontario. It's only in the initial stage and, it will take a few months to get it floating. Here in Ontario, the law requires every business that uses a lifting device, travelling crane, or automobile hoist to review its equipment prior to commissioning them. The PSR law falls under section 7 of Regulation 851 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Since lifting equipment and cranes are a normal part of a warehouse, we need to get our equipment reviewed by professional engineering consulting firms in Ontario. But, I have a few doubts regarding the whole process. I heard the review is typically done at the final manufacturing or in this case storage location. But, that will be costly for the business because the business will have to make changes if the equipment failed to pass the review process. So, there is a need for a preliminary review before deciding on the facilities and equipment. That will again become costly because the business will have to do the same process twice, even though the law demands only one review. How does a business deal with this?
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