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  1. Solid works is also best CAD software that i used..I am also beginner in this as I take Online Mechanical Design Training so I constantly work on this
  2. The following are the sectors where you can try with Mechanical Engg Degree Aerospace engineer. Automotive engineer. CAD technician. Contracting civil engineer. Control and instrumentation engineer. Maintenance engineer. Mechanical engineer. Nuclear engineer.
  3. MNCs, design firms, consultancies who work in product development employ the chunk of design engineers . You may enter into a niche like automobile but the core product development and engineering basics remain the same . You can use your skills to cross deploy in other fields .
  4. Now field work is equally important for girls in this mechanical field..Simple go for any professional certification courses like AutoCAD, CATIA etc and start your career..All these courses are also available online also..You can also go with online mechanical design Courses
  5. Thank you for sharing this interview question..All these are very useful for my preparation....
  6. According to me Sandwich degree have more scope than regular degree..Some of the key elements of B.E. sandwich course over the regular B.E course. 1. It is a 5-year course offering the same B.E degree 2. The timing of the programme is a little different. The sandwich course offers Industrial training to students in the forenoon session and classes are in the evening. 3. It is compulsory for students to attend an intern for one full semester in their third year Since sandwich students have an industry exposure, the students definitely have a better understanding of the industry culture and its dynamics. Also, the internship gives them an edge over the regular students. So, I think there is a slight weightage given for sandwich students by companies visiting the campus for placements.
  7. IT-Related Functions of Mechanical Engineers:- Research and evaluate design proposals and specifications. Develop and test design models with the application of software programs to check feasibility. Find out the cause of equipment and system failures, and provide feedback to drafters and design engineers. Read and translate technical illustrations, blueprints, and computer-generated reports. Create structural designs for products with the help of CAD and other drafting software programs.
  8. For making career in core field various certification is required.For mechanical engineer the following certificate are very much essential for getting their career on track. 1. MAT LAB 2. CAD & CAM softwares like Auto CAD, CATIA, CREO, SOLID WORKS, SOLID EDGE, NX, MASTERCAM etc 3. CATIA 4. Pro E Hope this will helps you
  9. Responsibilities of design engineer for design bearings: A plan design is a man who might be engaged with any of different building disciplines including common, mechanical, electrical, substance, materials, aviation, atomic, assembling, frameworks, and auxiliary/building/structural. Configuration engineers study, inquire about and create thoughts for new items and the frameworks used to make them. They likewise alter existing items or procedures to expand effectiveness or enhance execution. utilizing PC helped plan (CAD) and PC helped designing (CAE) programming to make models. Most direction encourage the ideal movement by limiting grinding. ... Turning orientation hold pivoting parts, for example, shafts or axles inside mechanical frameworks, and exchange hub and spiral burdens from the wellspring of the heap to the structure supporting it.
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