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  1. In a project of gas turbine reaction the question give us that : Trailing edge at the rotor outletβ_2=155°; Leading edge angle at the distributor inlet α_0=90°; The question says it is axial turbine Is it axial or mixed axial and turbine because we didn't take radial in the course The 90 degree means what exactly What i should know from this information
  2. Yes Dr it is a college project ...i was just wanna know the plan of the question's solution but anyway i have submitted the project to the doctor ...it was having many errors but it is ok and anyway thanks for you and for all who love to help us .
  3. hey mechanical engineering people i hope i can find someone to help me in just explain the plan of how to design this project .......i just need the steps should be taken generally especially what should i suppose it and what for example is fixed and if some one will give me how the safety factor values should be i need this help as soon as possible if someone can help and thanks for all the question : A mechanical engineer has proposed the design of the power lift shown in the figure below, you are kindly asked to help in designing this lift by answering the question
  4. Because of that unknown things im asking Wt is the transmitted load And i just want to know how to get it in this question Thanks😊
  5. How can i find the transmitted load without knowing the power Is there any way to find Wt from the AGMA equation ? Any help please ?
  6. First , thank you very much for replying and explaining As for the first step what the loads that i must find ... I have to take moment and get reactions from the wieght and wind force is there any forces should be taken here ?... Could you please explain this static part related to get the reactions in the first step ...how to use it in these problem ? The safety factor ...should i suppose a value for it from me or it must be calculated from the yield strength and stresses?
  7. Hi Mechanical Engineering people this is my first activity here ,im a student from palestine . i have a project in mechanics of materials subject...it is a project of signboard with two legs and we should design it so that it gives us good saftey factor ,not all dimensions are give some are given and other should be identified to give us a good design . i have a problem in starting this project the project mark is just 10 marks from the whole course so i think it will be simple i want just to have an idea of what things should i do, like how to start and what steps i must
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