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  1. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF welding Like all joining processes, welding offers several advantages but has some disadvantages as well. The most significant advantage of welding is undoubted that it provides exceptional structural integrity, product joints with very high efficiencies. The strength of joints that are weld continuously can easily approach or exceed the strength of the base material(s). The latter situation is made possible by selecting a joint design that provides greater cross-sectional than the adjoining joint elements and/or filler that is of higher strength than the b
  2. Shielded Arc welding: Weld metal is protected from atmospheric gases, moisture etc by a shield of smoke and slag from electrode covering and shielding. Un-shielded welding: Before 1923 bare rod welding was used to join metals. The welding was erratic and wandering and with a lot of porosity, and spatter etc. After 1923 Shielded welding rods were invented and now it is commonly used. For more information. I have just found a website where you can find more info about welding. I hope it will help you.
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