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  1. If you're starting your career in Mech Engineering or are looking for a change and want to see what it's like to work at Schlumberger, please join HiCounselor for this free webinar. You will get to ask any questions you wish ! Here's the link for the webinar. See you there ! https://hicounselor-mech-engineering-career.eventbrite.com
  2. Hello Everyone, HiCounselor.com is hosting a free webinar with a senior mechanical engineer at Schlumberger. You will get to ask any questions you wish !. So, if you're pursuing a career in Mechanical engineering and are curious to find out about the day in the life of a Mechanical Engineer, don't hesitate to join. Here's the link with the detail of the webinar. See you there ! https://hicounselor-mech-engineering-career-qa.eventbrite.com
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