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  1. So, there is this pipe, wich has 6 outlets, and the problem is, all the 6 products that comes out, is in different shapes. The goal is, to make the shapes all equal. The product is an ice cream bonbon, so it is in a half sphere like shape, the cream has higher viscosity than water, and there are gas bubbles in it. It has to keep its soft and tender texture. The products come out 6 at a time in a row, on metal plates, and then they go to the cooling tunnel. What could cause the problem, and how could be solved, by changing the pipe outlet device, but keeping the structure, so it still comes out 6 in a row? Building in a reducer? Buffer tank, maybe? The inside diameter is around 10-12 mm. I cant upload picture of the device, so here is a layout: And there is an adjustable pressure equalizer thingy in the back of each outlet pipe: I hope its enough information, if need anything else, ask it. I dont understand fluid dynamics enough, I hope someone could help, I am just interested in the idea, not the accurate solution. Thanks
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