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  1. Hello to everyone, i have a structure. It consists two plates, which are connected through four bars. One of the plates is fix and cannot move or rotate. On the other plate a moment is applied. The axis of the moment not coincide with the axis of the plate. I would like to calcualte the cross section sizes of the bars, which are needed to avoid the destruction of the bars and to avoid a deflection of the bars more than 0.5 mm. How it can be done? Thank you in advance!
  2. Can you please make an example or describe, where i can find one? I do not really understand it. Have i to add all the clearances at the joints and i get the backlash?
  3. Thank you for your help i could calculate with your help the crank slider system. Unfortunately i have another question. How can be calculated the accuracy or a backlash of a crank slider system?
  4. Thank you for the posts! I am sorry that i didnt wrote earlier, had much to do. But i found in a book some possible calculations for the forces of the system (do not know if they are rigth. I wrote a little matlab script to calculate the forces at every possible angle of the crank system. The results show me very high forces at pi and 2*pi of the system. (I think thats because of the singularities. My question is how to solve this problem. The system should not have fast motions, in the contrary it should move slow and transfer forces! Or is it better to avoid this positions and rotate only between 0 and pi? (I would like to use the whole rotation, if it is possible)
  5. That is also my opinion. The problem is, that the rotation speed of the motor will be very low. Thatswhy i need to calculate it, to know which moment i need to move the system.
  6. Thank you for your fast answer and the book! I know this kinematik equations. I do not understand how to calculate if there are problems in dead points, for example the system will stop and not move in these points?
  7. Hello, at the moment i am trying to design a crank slider mechanism. This mechanism should be driven with the help of an e-motor. Through this rotation a slider should move. Unfortunately i have some problems, because i can not find any good books about the calculation of these mechanisms. For example i do not understand how can i calculate the system to avoid it to come to a stand at the dead points? Can someone help? Thank you in advance!
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