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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, trying to solve an engineering problem. I have ideas, but wanted to brainstorm here and see if anyone else may have a better one. I have a steel cylinder (roughly 3.6 inches diameter, 6 inches long) with a hole through its center. A shaft is pressed into that hole with an interference fit. I want to put a torque wrench on the shaft to test how much torque it can withstand without slipping. To do this I think I will need to hold the cylinder still, and I am brainstorming ways to do this. I need to test it up to 50 ft*lbs, and would like to have the ability to go up to 165 ft*lbs. I am considering a strap wrench, as they're available in rubber (high friction) and they self-tighten as more torque is applied. However, I'm not sure if a strap wrench would be able to handle that without slipping. I do not want to cut into or damage the cylinder. It's quite strong and can resist a lot of crush force, but teeth biting into it are likely to cause damage. Any input is appreciated!
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