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  1. Hi DrD I hope you are able to see the machine details in the attachment. If not I will send it in a different file format. Envelope - W+D Reel-fed Envelope Machine HELIOS 102 -.htm Envelope Making Machine - W and D.pdf
  2. Please can someone furnish me with the right formula for calculating the Force generated by running manufacturing machinery, in Newtons. This can be any machine like can making machine or envelope making machinery rotating at 350 revolution per minute with 3 kW electric motor.
  3. In Manufacturing industry there are people who fix the machinery and equipment that manufacture a variety of products like cardboard paper, food packing, tin manufacturing machines etc. These people who maintain these machines are called mechanical maintenance engineers. These machines run at very fast speeds (pace) and when they breakdown the mechanical maintenance engineers fix these machines (I am not talking of the breakdown in electrics). Can someone describe the environment as too fast paced for the mechanical maintenance engineer? Because a maintenance engineer only fixes machines when the machines are not running/broken down. Is it a sensible description or ridiculous description? Does the maintenance engineer have to be as fast as these machines to be able to do the job? Or you can think of it as fixing a racing car. The mechanic can only fix the sports car when it has broken down or when it is in the pitstop not when it is on the race track. Can someone tell the mechanic that the racing car environment is too fast-paced for the mechanic? Does it make sense? Like I said the mechanic can only fix the sports car when it is stationary. The reason why I am asking is because one maintenance engineer was told by his boss (an Electrician) that the work environment was too fast paced for him and I said this was not correct.
  4. Hello Forum What are your views on Solicitors or anyone in the legal fraternity assessing/adjudicating mechanical engineering disputes? Can engineering disputes be debated because the building blocks for engineering are Maths and Science where you have single universally right and wrong answers/meanings/solution? How can solicitors be expected to understand engineering they did not study or train in?
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