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  1. Please identify which type of product you are manufacturing and which type of simulation you want in your product. There are many software in market. you do not have to take much effort. you have to just call them ask for quotation and technical demo if you like any of them. their marketing guys convince your account department..... lol... hahahaha...
  2. Crack will not happen because it is ideal condition for chassis with respect to stress strain diagram. the material corrosion is other topic for debate. No deformation and crack generated at ideal condition because as per stress strain diagram material do not react at the point of maximum stress point.
  3. Its is geometrical tolerances which show how maximum and minimum allowances bw both surfaces respect to plain A (datum plan). other one is flatness bw both sides. this thing is given when you want to fit one part with another with minimum friction and effort. for batter understanding please see attachment. Geo.Tolerance Ref. Chart.pdf
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