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  1. A: To approximately calculate the required power for a climate such as Tehran’s, first multiply the useful area by 100 kcal and for each residential unit, add 6000 kcal to its product. For example, if we have a building with 2600 square meters of useful area and 18 residential units, the required heating power would be: (100 x 2500) + (18 x 6000) = 358,000 kcal Add 20% to the above calculation as the safety margin. B: According to the area, unit numbers, use of your building, and possible pools, etc., you can consult the technicians of Damatajhiz Company. Damatajhiz website delivers the technical specifications and prices for many models of cast iron hot water boilers from credible brands and with original guarantee to give you the joy of a good purchase.
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