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  1. Hi SIMarEST, Thank you for your answer. I already contacted the manufacturer but that is all the information they can provide. For now the calculation that I used to obtain the Young's modulus is by using the given tensile strength and elongation data provided. E = Stress/Strain = 41MPa/0.1 = 410MPa where stress is taken from tensile strength as 41MPa and strain is by converted from elongation as 0.1. For the density I calculate by using the specific gravity ρ=SG×ρ_w=1.1(997)=1096.7k g/m^3 Is it correct? Also how can I find the Poisson's ratio? could you elaborate more about this.
  2. Hi, I have a question regarding the topic. I bought the structural adhesive (LOCTITE EA E-120HP) and use to assemble two carbon fiber parts. I would like to know how can I calculate the Young's Modulus, Shear modulus and Poisson's ratio from the data they provide. They gave Elongation (ISO 527-2) as 10% and tensile strength (ISO 527-3) as 41N/mm^2. Also can I find the density from the specific gravity given? More information can be found from the attached file. Thank you. EA E-120HP-EN.pdf
  3. Interesting questions. For question 1a, what does it mean by compare?? With what should I compare?and how to calculate first five mode if there is only 3 masses also what does it mean by torsional is 50% center and 25% at the end I assumed the boundary condition to be fixed-free am I correct? if possible could you provide me with answer or some idea to solve
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