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  1. As shown in the figure, a circle with its involute curve has an initial position at 0 degree, and have a length of 'a' which was measured from the y-intercept to the center of the circle. After that, the circle was rotate for 45 degree and now have the length of 'b'. Then it was again rotate for 90 degree and has a length of c. Based on the information provided, is there any possible way for me to calculate the length 'b' and 'c'. Is there any relation I can use to calculate the length for any degree of rotation ?
  2. Hi SIMarEST, Thank you for your answer. I already contacted the manufacturer but that is all the information they can provide. For now the calculation that I used to obtain the Young's modulus is by using the given tensile strength and elongation data provided. E = Stress/Strain = 41MPa/0.1 = 410MPa where stress is taken from tensile strength as 41MPa and strain is by converted from elongation as 0.1. For the density I calculate by using the specific gravity ρ=SG×ρ_w=1.1(997)=1096.7k g/m^3 Is it correct? Also how can I find the Poisson's ratio? could you elaborate more about this.
  3. Hi, I have a question regarding the topic. I bought the structural adhesive (LOCTITE EA E-120HP) and use to assemble two carbon fiber parts. I would like to know how can I calculate the Young's Modulus, Shear modulus and Poisson's ratio from the data they provide. They gave Elongation (ISO 527-2) as 10% and tensile strength (ISO 527-3) as 41N/mm^2. Also can I find the density from the specific gravity given? More information can be found from the attached file. Thank you. EA E-120HP-EN.pdf
  4. Interesting questions. For question 1a, what does it mean by compare?? With what should I compare?and how to calculate first five mode if there is only 3 masses also what does it mean by torsional is 50% center and 25% at the end I assumed the boundary condition to be fixed-free am I correct? if possible could you provide me with answer or some idea to solve
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