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  1. A system is not allowed to operate at higher then 50mbar. A condensate drain is introduced into the system to remove excess liquid (assume water) and act as a seal for less then 50mbar, any higher and the seal should break and let the air escape. Operating between 0 and 50mbar the liquid will be pushed down the pipe, raise the liquid level in the pot and thus expel condensate, if 50mbar is reached then the fluid should be completely pushed down the pipe and the air allowed to bubble out. I have used bernoullis equation to determine that the hieght of the fluid in the pipe should be 0.51m for 0mbar, a force balance on the fluid element shows that the diameter of the pipe does play a role but when looking at pressures the diameter does not. Does this mean that for a pipe (for arguments sake) of 150mm diameter, we only need to ensure the height of the fluid at 0mbar is 0.511m and then as the pressure increases to 50mbar the air will indeed escape and keep the system from over pressurizing? fluid seal.pdf
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