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  1. I understand that there is less friction and no need for lubrication, but is there something about crystalline structure developing in a certain way on the raceways if they are fully molded? BNL bearings for example, claim that there plastic bearings have better wear rates than the equivalent machined plastic bearings such as igus for example.
  2. Are rivet joints better for resisting shock and vibration than a weld? Or are they used on planes to avoid welding over the protective coating that is applied between aircraft panels for moisture and corrosion protection?
  3. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. This article claims that riveted joints are stronger, maybe its because they are more predictable and better at tolerating heat fluctuations? https://monroeaerospace.com/blog/why-are-airplanes-manufactured-with-riveted-joints-instead-of-welded/ I wonder if riveted joints are more resistant to shock and vibration than welded joints?
  4. I'd recommend a cotton mask with a N95 rating or above. Air masks with N99 and N100 rating are better but harder to find. I'd recommend a cotton version because in my experience, they are more comfortable that ones which have the HEPA filters. HEPA filters are good, but in my experience the material was similar to plastic and got a bit sweaty.
  5. Titanium is stronger according to this article: https://www.accu.co.uk/en/p/111-strength-rigidity-hardness-difference
  6. In my experience, it is usually caused by the air to fuel ratio, too much compression or a spark plug problem. Copper core plugs are supposed to be less likely to cause detonation, but they don't usually last as long.
  7. You could also search for miner's rule, which will also display results for Wohler's SN Curves mentioned above. Harry
  8. Hi Tarmo, Nice to meet you. I'm from the UK and I am also interested in product development and testing and improving prototypes. Harry
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