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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I'm building a dumb waiter in our newly built timber frame house here in India. We are doing the whole thing from scratch sourcing materials from here and there and getting some parts made. It will be hand operated using pulleys, ropes steel cable and weights. We want to create a system to hold the elevator carriage on a particular floor when its hoisted up. The idea is that you pull on a rope to go up, and pull on the opposite side to go down. When the carriage reaches a floor, we'll have a bell to indicate that, and we want to have a spring operated lever, or some other device that triggers and engages beneath the carriage so that it cannot go down. Then when are ready to move it, we can disengage it, either using a push/pull system, or a universal lever that would free up the carriage on whatever floor it is on. I need ideas as to how we can do it? Please see attached pictures
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