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  1. Hi, So I've now got hold of some new stainless steel screws and they seem to be much more durable. How is it that the other stainless steel screws seemed softer? Is there a test I can do to see if they were aluminium?
  2. Sorry I wrote M6 x 4mm, I meant M4 x 6mm long. The length of the thread is 6mm. Sorry for the confusion. Zane
  3. I've lost a small screw from my bike for my OBE cartridges. It seems to be a common problem on road bike braking systems and so does stripping the screw heads. Its a very small screw ( almost a grub screw). The supplier confirmed that its a M6 x 4mm long screw. They either come loose or I end up rounding their heads, which is even worse because it makes changing the brake pads a nightmare. (I am using the right size Allen key) I'm looking for a different fastener, perhaps a bigger head or recess so that I don't round them. The screws are 4mm long, so not many stainless steel options. Can someone recommend a solution please?
  4. Hi, I was wondering which is stronger : phosphor bronze or grade 5 titanium? Zane,
  5. Hi, Welcome to the forum. There are different grades (and prices) of clear polycarbonate sheets. You can get a hard coating on them to improve scratch resistance.
  6. Hi Chris, I've filled it in for you. Good luck with your masters.
  7. Hi, I'm not sure what you mean. Something to do with a railroad expansion fastener?
  8. Hi Greg, I'm new to the forum and your project caught my eye because I enjoy creating projects from wood in my spare time, but I've never built anything to this scale. Have you thought about making it with a garage door opening mechanism rather than pulleys?
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