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  1. what i am asking can be done in one day making a drone for people is HUGE BIGGER THAN ANYTHING and making the battery for it is as important agreeing is more important than to disagreei arguing is not cool please find me someone to do my project thank you
  2. one way is to do my project to make speed and torque increase that will violate a law of engineering and open many new doors for millions for all of history this file makes it so the handle moves once and the pinion moves 27 times heres a video a 3d designer made where he put the handle on the wrong side because he said it couldnt be backdriven https://photos.app.goo.gl/maZhy6MZ9N6iQBXb9 he said he couldn't make it back drive https://photos.app.goo.gl/g3GX1qt6eo319CoCA this video shows it can https://youtu.be/V06Wfw89yj8 to be
  3. my life is on a major hold and i hope someone will move it forward im trying to make speed and and torque here's the attempt of one3d designer https://photos.app.goo.gl/maZhy6MZ9N6iQBXb9 but as you see he put the handle on the wrong side which later he said was because he couldn't make it backdrive https://photos.app.goo.gl/g3GX1qt6eo319CoCA this.youtube shows it can be backdriven i hope someone will help me complete this as a.working model the way it designed is ro makr the handle move 3 times and the pinion moves 27 times the
  4. Heres another example of torque and speed increasing https://photos.app.goo.gl/gpkNZoaT4rYkNFtQ8
  5. i see you too have outcast me to be eaten alive by a pack of wolves i even made a wind up clock to charge a cellphone i paid the clock makers over $10,000 and more of my time to make and they refused it got so bad i even wrote a book called the man who became homeless to give the world a wind up clock to charge a cellphone and alll the publishing companies refused to publish my book they said its boring the pain the pain i wish there was medication to atop my brain from working i hope you say of course I wil
  6. thank god for you im a complete outcast for what i did easy to explain this gearing makes one turn where a spur gear would have to use 3 turns https://youtu.be/9l9QMz67J0c (40 seconds in the video) https://youtu.be/PzTXB7pUj6w im going to have a 3d designer put a small eccentric gesr ( like the one which is moved by the person's hand) on the opposite side of the eccentric gear wheel and on top of the eccentric gear ,he adds, will be a spur gear and the spur gear will move the next spur gear 3 times faster making th
  7. i have a pdf it would be easier if you email me at Nottryingenough@gmail.com im.testing using a compound to increase speed Meshed gearswith an equal number of teeth will turn at the same speed. If they have an unequal number of teeth, the gear with the fewest teeth will turn faster. id appreciate your help thanks for your reply Sun Gear new 2.pdf handle star gear new2.pdf g6 R4.pdf Housing Less new 2.1.pdf Housing Upper new 2.pdf Center Gear new 2.pdf Star Gear new design2.pdf i included a pdf my ce
  8. ok so i figured out how to make speed and torque increase by simply putting a spur gear on top of a eccentric gear very simple the problem I have is the one model I can have made is large and i want compact i am trying to have someone 3d design a model but the designers are not enjoying themselves about the topic if anyone would like to help me design it i have very good models im just a few bits away from completion if anyone wants to make a model that will allow a 3.6 volt motor to power a helicopter please reply the L shape design didn't work
  9. Hi I made a one tooth gear reduction https://anime.kenmaz.net/view/anime/2977677 it does 40:1 where a 10:1 used to be if I used the math of this man https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=high+gear+reduction&&view=detail&mid=B9A85F96EB2B12E20212B9A85F96EB2B12E20212&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dhigh%2Bgear%2Breduction%26FORM%3DHDRSC3 where I added 2 teeth on top of the gearing supposedly it will increase to 1600:1 ( or something like that , I don't know but its supposed to be a high figure) I did this after a truck hit me
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