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  1. The Fan coil unit Compact HVAC option simulates a 4 pipe fan coil unit with hot water heating coil, chilled water cooling coil, and an outside air mixer. The fan coil units are zone equipment units which are assembled from other components. Fan coils contain an outdoor air mixer, a fan, a simple heating coil and a cooling coil. The fan coil unit is connected to a hot water loop (demand side) through its hot water coil and to a chilled water loop (demand side) through its cooling coil. Here is the diagram of the whole Fan coil unit:
  2. There are two types of cooling systems: (i) Air cooling system In this type of cooling system, the heat, which is conducted to the outer parts of the engine, is radiated and conducted away by the stream of air, which is obtained from the atmosphere. In order to have efficient cooling by means of air, providing fins around the cylinder and cylinder head increases the contact area. (ii) Water-cooling system. It serves two purposes in the working of an engine: a) It takes away the excessive heat generated in the engine and saves it from over heating. b) It keeps the
  3. Hi, I am agree with ojas(OK) mendapara, If your car is not in use then crossion will play their role in it and after a long time you can see crack with your own naked eyes.
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